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  • A nicely-timed note can nudge a customer into action
  • A nicely-timed note can nudge a customer into action
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How can handwriting make marketing more human?

Snail mail may seem outdated in the digital era, but direct mail campaigns garnered a higher response rate than any digital channel in 2016. Canvas8 spoke with Charlotte Pearce, founder of Inkpact – a handwritten marketing company – to find out why the pen can be mightier than the keyboard.

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“When I was at university, I went along to a marketing and entrepreneur day,” says Inkpact founder Charlotte Pearce. “One of the guys in the audience said he loved to send handwritten letters to his clients, but he could only send ten then his hand hurt.” The seed was planted and within a week the pair had sent out 100 blue envelopes. “He called me a week later and said that out of the 100 sent out, 33 people actually turned up to his office.” [1]

Four years later, and Inkpact now helps businesses such as Unilever, ...



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