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  • A meaty indulgence that’s veggie-friendly
  • A meaty indulgence that’s veggie-friendly
    Impossible Foods (2016) ©

Impossible Burger: ‘clean meat’ for carnivores

The Impossible Burger uses 95% less land and 74% less water to produce compared to a regular beef patty but there’s much more to this veggie indulgence. Juicy, meaty and bloody, it’s hoping to coax stubborn carnivores over to the sustainable side, helping to preserve the planet in the process.

Location United States

The growing global pressure to reduce carbon emissions has spotlighted some unwelcome truths, including the fact that our food systems are among the highest contributors to climate change. Relying on cows for meat is land-hungry, water-thirsty, and pollution-heavy.

Patrick Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods, decided there had to be another way. In 2011, he began his work to develop a burger with meat-lovers in mind. The plant-based patty, which mimics the smell, flavour and appearance of beef, has been taste-tested by some of the best chefs in the US, and the praise it has accrued is making everyone sit ...



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