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  • How are luxury labels making shoppers feel more special?
  • How are luxury labels making shoppers feel more special?
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A sector snapshot of luxury

Why are people happy to spend big on little things? What’s driving luxury labels to couple up with unusual partners? How are high-end brands helping the rich feel even richer? And why should they consider giving customers creative control?

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Amid proclamations that we’ve hit ‘peak stuff’ and with people worldwide tightening their belts, luxury growth isn’t quite what it once was – market growth has been slow over the course of 2016. Yet the opulence of high-end goods will always have a certain appeal. After all, the ‘lipstick effect’ is well documented – when people can’t afford the big luxuries, those little delights are all the more alluring.

So it makes sense that, globally, accessories have never been more in demand. With the price of designer handbags peaking – between 2009 and 2014, the price of a Chanel ...



  • Article image Hublot x Sang Bleu: watches with counter-culture cachet

    Once staunchly anti-social, with working-class roots, tattoos are experiencing a renaissance. A new collaboration between Swiss watchmaker Hublot and tattooist Maxime Buchi is the latest in counter-culture luxe, demonstrating that distinctions between high and low culture have all but disappeared.

  • Article image Surf Air: all-you-can-fly business travel

    Business execs suffer from a ‘perennial time-scarcity problem’, so it’s no surprise that they’re looking for ways to minimise wasted moments. Surf Air aims to save them hours at airports, offering unlimited flights on private business jets between selected European cities from £2,500 per month.

  • Article image Balmain Hair Couture: luxe locks from a fashion house

    Hair can make or break an outfit, and not everyone is happy with a quick spritz of dry shampoo. People are looking for luxury products to tame their manes, and with Balmain Hair Couture, the historic namesake fashion house is ensuring its customers’ locks are as luxurious as their wardrobes.

  • Article image Has luxury fashion lost its lustre?

    A decade ago, 'luxury' might have meant a Mercedes, a Prada bag or a Rolex. But in 2016, old symbols of extravagance are out and people are searching for more meaningful things to spend on. With the market thought to have grown just 1-2% in 2015, is this the end for traditional luxury fashion brands?

  • Article image The Daily Edited: custom accessories for minimalists

    Sydney-based accessories brand The Daily Edited has proved a hit among Aussie fashion shoppers, achieving turnover of $5 million in 2015. But in a challenging retail market, how has it gone from a tiny style blog to selling customisable fine leather goods by the bag-load?

  • Article image Gucci: customise your own luxury

    As one of the most visible accessories, handbags are a statement of individual style. Now, Gucci wants to make them more personal with its DIY customisation service. Given that 66% of Gen Y ditch brands because they don't mirror their identity, will personalisation become key to luxury loyalty?

  • DuBois et fils offers luxury watches for rent DuBois et fils offers luxury watches for rent

    From the cars and private jets to the designer garms and Michelin-starred dinners, living a life of luxury is an expensive pursuit. Or is it? DuBois et fils is a Swiss luxury watchmaker taking the sharing economy up a notch by offering up some of its high-end timepieces on a rental basis.

  • Burberry’s new interactive scarf display Burberry’s new interactive scarf display

    Burberry is known for embracing technology in its campaigns – something that's not so common in luxury. In its latest move to appeal to tech-savvy shoppers, the British fashion house has teamed up with Dreamworks to let passers by personalise digital scarves as part of an interactive 3D campaign.