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  • Who are the Modern Preps?
  • Who are the Modern Preps?
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Teen America: Modern Preps

With a taste for high status, yet understated, luxury goods, the ‘Modern Preps’ are the most affluent of US youth subcultures. In the sixth of a series exploring Gen Y and Z tribes, Andrea Graham Richeson examines whether this group’s influence and purchasing power can keep legacy brands alive.

Location United States

Although a walk through a mall or high school may suggest otherwise, the preppy lifestyle is alive and well. Modern Preps – a youth subculture built on affluence and blue blood ideals – may not have the clout that they used to, but their purchasing power is substantial and ever-growing. The upper-middle class and upper class families that comprise the top 20% of American households hold 50% of the nation's income and constitute 40% of consumer spending. [1] Additionally, Gen Y consumers will start to become the largest generational segment in the luxury market between 2018 and ...



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    Sleeping in, driving around town and going to the beach – this is what American summers are made of. Or at least they used to be. Today’s hyper-driven teens don’t have time to be lazy, instead optimising their vacations and college applications with summer jobs, internships and enrichment courses.

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    From Fangirls to JK Poppers, the US is home to a range of teen subcultures. In the first of a series exploring American Gen Y and Z tribes, Andrea Graham – founder of Youth Tribes – delves into the sun-bleached world of Coasties. How is this group redefining the beach and action sports enthusiast?

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    Brands have long chased the elusive goal of being 'cool' – particularly among the teenaged demographic. But if they're trying too hard, it most likely means they're not cool at all. Defying the rules, Coach has transformed from an ailing brand into a cool leather goods merchant.