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  • Naked Wines delivers to stay-at-home drinkers
  • Naked Wines delivers to stay-at-home drinkers
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Naked Wines: a wine club for a new breed of drinkers

There’s speculation over where the UK’s alcohol industry is headed in today’s healthy, hard-working culture. With pubs closing and wine societies viewed as snobbish, Naked Wines is catering to a new breed of drinker, allowing them to order merlots and chardonnays to their door via a text.

Location United Kingdom

While wine consumption in the UK may have fallen over recent years, more people are trading a trip to the pub for a night in with a bottle of wine. This shift in drinking habits, partnered with increasingly busy lives, has allowed alcohol delivery services to flourish. After all, once you get a spare second in the middle of your hectic week, what better way to unwind than by ordering a bottle of the good stuff straight to your door?

Naked Wines has been quenching the UK’s thirst for on-demand delivered drinks since 2008, and has been operating in ...



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