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  • How can brands encourage people to think about tomorrow, today?
  • How can brands encourage people to think about tomorrow, today?
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How to make people think about tomorrow, today

Would you rather jet off to the Bahamas next week, or save and go in a years’ time? In an ‘I want it now’ culture, thinking for the future is hard. When two-thirds of boomers retire they won’t have saved enough to maintain their lifestyle. How can brands encourage people to think about tomorrow, today?

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Are you trying to drop a few pounds? Eat healthier? Save up for a rainy day? In a world where anything can be home-delivered, there’s an app for every whim, and instant gratification reigns, concepts of willpower and self-control are more cumbersome than ever.

“Our simulations of the future are inherently impoverished,” explains Hal E. Hershfield, Professor of Marketing at UCLA. “They’re not imbued with the same arousal and emotional colour that the present is.” [1] This phenomenon is known as ‘present bias’ – an inclination to focus on the now instead of ...



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    Why are more people retiring to the city?

    “I would rather live in a cupboard in Soho than in a mansion in Surrey,” says 50-year-old Vishnia. Urban retirees are embracing life after work as a chance to learn and explore. And owning 80% of the UK's net personal wealth, they can afford to. But what’s driving them to the city?

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    How habit-forming tech gets people Hooked

    Four in five Americans check their phones within 15 minutes of waking, and 79% keep that device on or near them for 22 hours each day. As author and entrepreneur Nir Eyal points out, these devices have the human race hooked - but why? We sat down with him to find out more.

  • Future-proofing your skin

    Future-proofing your skin

    Are you tech savvy or a luddite? Do you prefer to jet set or stick to the continent? And what do these lifestyles mean for the future of your skin? Sk:n Clinics has collaborated with futurologist Ray Hammond to provide an insight into what the future of skincare could look like.

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    PhotoMoney: snap your spending in Japan

    Studies show that three quarters of us are born with the inclination to make poor spending decisions - spurring the creation of Japanese money management app PhotoMoney. And while it's not the first, developers believe it's unique enough to effectively alter spending habits.

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    Looking for a healthier high

    People see ‘light’ alternatives as healthier – based on everything from packaging colours to product labels. But if it’s simply a matter of perception, is a ‘healthy high’ truly achievable?

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    Why do we lie to ourselves?

    From the NSA scandal to the ‘white lies’ people tell themselves, we sat down with acclaimed behavioural economist Dan Ariely to learn more about the driving forces behind dishonesty.

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    From the boardroom to the back garden, more people are embracing the importance of being prepared for the worst.

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    GymPact: behavioural economics in action

    After demonstrating impressive results during its first trial in Boston, GymPact is being launched worldwide this January.