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  • People want the most up-to-date tech before anyone else
  • People want the most up-to-date tech before anyone else
    Grand St. (2014) ©

Grand St.: indie tech with a human side

A new generation of tech-savvy trendies was born from the crowdfunding movement, and this predominantly male audience wants unique electronics that will give them the fast track to the future. Brooklyn-born e-tailer Grand St. offers its 200,000 members a carefully curated selection.

Location United States

From smartwatches to pet trackers, as the crowdfunding movement has flourished, the home electronics sector has evolved with it. As small-time inventors are increasingly given an international platform from which they can pitch ideas, people are taking the opportunity to try out new technologies before they become the norm.

In turn, perceptions of technology are changing. Seeing these innovations evolve from the ground up has added a layer of hands-on creativity and humanity to an industry that can sometimes feel cold and unwelcoming. And at the heart of this shift is Grand St. – a Brooklyn-born e-tailer that ...



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