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  • Where’s the party really at in 2014?
  • Where’s the party really at in 2014?
    Boiler Room (2013) ©

Is staying in really the new going out?

Clubs and pubs in the UK are closing, and young people are drinking less than ever. A lack of money, advances in technology and a need for exclusivity have changed the party scene. But has staying in really become the new going out?

Location United Kingdom

In the UK, the way people are partying is changing. That in itself is not surprising. Each generation carves out its own way of letting its hair down. But today’s young adults are making some unexpected choices. This time, it’s not music or drugs driving the movement; it’s money, technology and exclusivity – that is, if people leave the house at all.

It’s impossible to ignore the influence of the recession on youth culture, given that 20% of 18- to 24-year-olds are unemployed. [1] Prioritising work and valuing jobs has become a necessity. Even those ...



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    "When we say money, it means spending. When we say credit, it means debt," drawls Stromae in ‘Alors on danse’. But what makes this mournful, post-financial crash dance anthem so popular?

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    Being bad feels good. Full of intrigue, suspense and backstabbing, ‘alternative’ supper club the Betrayers’ Banquet capitalises on this more despicable facet of the human psyche.

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    Sidestepping conventions of adulthood, 20-somethings are exploring who they want to be and evading responsibility for a while. But how do you figure out a generation that can't keep still?

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    In a high-pressure culture, traditional routines are dissolving as people look for services that fit around their schedule. Voodoo Ray’s fuses a premium pizzeria with a bar and nightclub.

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    People are under increasing pressure to eat healthily, spend carefully, live ethically and achieve, achieve, achieve. But as the pressure increases, so does the need to let off steam.

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    Emma Koenig’s famous self-deprecating blog strikes a chord with a young generation coming to terms with the widening gap between ambition and circumstance.

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    As our screens get bigger, sharper, louder and more interactive, Channel 4 explores how television can deliver novel social experiences at home.