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  • Brazilian beauty ideals embrace a range of body types
  • Brazilian beauty ideals embrace a range of body types
    Francisco Osorio, Creative Commons (2013) ©

A Brazilian beauty ideal for every class

In Brazil's diverse society, there’s no single definition of beauty that applies to everyone. Its different social classes have created a variety of ideals and beauty icons. But how do Brazilian women decide what ideals to aim for, and how are they trying to achieve them?

Location Brazil

Brazilian waxing, Brazilian blow dry and Brazilian bottoms. These expressions have been mentioned by women's magazines all around the world as new beauty ideals to be pursued. The warm climate and the easy-going culture that encourages wearing bikinis and short shorts all year long has led Brazil to define unique beauty standards of its own.

But in such a diverse society as Brazil, there’s not simply a single definition of beauty that applies to everyone. Beauty standards vary as much as the country's social layers, which each have their own sex symbols and beauty icons – and as ...



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