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  • Do today's women really lack practical business skills and office etiquette?
  • Do today's women really lack practical business skills and office etiquette?
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The Politesse: should you wear a crop top to work?

With young women’s career ambitions having overtaken men’s, the founders of online magazine The Politesse saw an opportunity for a publication fusing practical business advice with lifestyle gloss – from the correct stance on crop tops at work, to how to ask for a pay rise.

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“Let’s face it – you are not a Kardashian. Your momager is not about to land you a fragrance deal and fashion collaboration with Kohl’s. In order to make your career dreams a reality – and not a reality TV show – you need to master business etiquette.” [1]

This sparkly dose of tough love comes from the founders of The Politesse, a website aimed at young women looking for guidance on the little things that ease the slippery climb up the career ladder – from the correct stance on crop tops to the best way ...



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