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  • Making luxury accessible to all
  • Making luxury accessible to all
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Le Labo: luxury without snobbery

In light of mass production and the rise of celebrity scents, Le Labo offers insight into the heritage of the fragrance industry and provides authentic perfumes that rekindle the romance.

Location North America / Western Europe

70% of women in the UK would prefer to receive a love letter over an email, yet less than a third of Brits have ever written one. [1] In a digital age, where classic romance has been redefined (eCards in place of letters, matched online profiles instead of chance meetings), injecting life with fleeting moments that recapture the old charm holds growing appeal.

Few industries are better equipped for this than perfume: historically, scent and romance are tied – “the art of perfume is the art of romance,” claims beauty expert Jan Moran. [2] ...