Fed up Gen Zers throw TikTok shade at Gen Yer culture
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Jun 23, 2020
Fed up Gen Zers throw TikTok shade at Gen Yer culture

Prone to rejecting labels, Gen Zers are tired of being associated with their slightly older counterparts. Venting their frustrations over TikTok, they're making fun of the contradictions of Gen Yer behaviours as a way of separating themselves and the values of their own generation.

What started as a TikTok post by user mayalepa airing her frustrations with being “associated with people who still think that Harry Potter movies are a personality trait” has evolved into a viral generation spat between Gen Zers and Yers. Posts range from Harry Potter digs and making fun of Gen Yer slogan T-shirts to laughing at their obsession with Buzzfeed quizzes. After some Gen Yers took offense at the jokes, one Twitter user hit back: "gen z will make a harmless joke about millennials and millennials will legit take that s*** seriously like go read ur damn buzzfeed article and stop beefin with teenagers online u old b******."