Gen Z's career goals are disconnected from reality
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Jan 30, 2020
Gen Z's career goals are disconnected from reality

Armed with tech know-how and ambition aplenty, Gen Zers are optimistic about their careers. However, their aspirations aren’t matching the reality of future job demands, presenting an opportunity for educators to better tailor careers advice even in the early years.

Research from the charity Education and Employers has found that young Britons’ hopes and dreams are misaligned with where the future of the workplace is heading, meaning many are “destined for disappointment.” Among 14- to 18-year-olds, the most popular career path is within art and culture, entertainment, or sport (chosen by 15.6% of respondents), with half of these teens saying they’re uninterested in any other sector. But with interest in this field five times as higher than the projected demand for such jobs in the economy, there’s a huge gap between aspirations and reality, with the study's authors calling for schools to offer more advice and support in early education.