How Vietnamese fashion won over local and international trendsetters
24 May 2024
How Vietnamese fashion won over local and international trendsetters

Vietnamese fashion is making international waves on TikTok and on the runway. No longer just a manufacturing hub, the country’s local brands are now going global for trendy designs. What started this trend, and what does this mean for other brands wanting to go beyond local borders?

Ivy Nhi Chau

Ivy Nhi Chau is the CEO and founder of Ivy+Partners. Ivy leads a team of consultants to ensure communication consistency and seamless execution of integrated communication campaigns for local and international brands. With a strong educational foundation as a Public Relations and Communications graduate and nearly a decade-long history of professional work, Ivy has the knowledge and expert perspective as well as a solid network with players in the media industry in Vietnam and APAC.

Thao Nguyen

Thao Nguyen is a fashion designer with over eight years of experience in the industry and five years of research, design, and production experience with multiple local brands in Vietnam. She made it to the Top 10 at the Aquafina Pure Fashion in 2015 and the Top 15 of the Her World Young Designer Vietnam in 2013. Thao graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from Hanoi Open University.

Linh Tran Hanh Pham

Linh Tran Hanh Pham is a freelance writer who enjoys wearing multiple hats in her work life. She hopes to utilise her interdisciplinary knowledge to create unique and thought-provoking pieces about the world around her.