Why adulthood looks different for Vietnamese Gen Zers
26 Mar 2024
Why adulthood looks different for Vietnamese Gen Zers

Urban youth in Vietnam are feeling increasingly disillusioned by the promise of social mobility due to a housing crisis and the effects of ‘flex’ culture, leading them to redefine their adulthood. What does this mean for brands looking to engage with Vietnamese Gen Zers?

Lam Nguyen

Lam Nguyen is a freelance journalist based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She has covered labour and environmental issues, and she is also keen on reporting about Vietnam's culture and economy. Her stories have appeared on Mongabay, Rest Of World, The Guardian, South China Morning Post, and China Dialogue. Lam has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Vietnam Studies from Fulbright University Vietnam. She can be reached at her LinkedIn.

Long Le

Long Le is the director of strategy at PropertyGuru Vietnam. He has facilitated multiple projects within the firm and has been in charge of regular reports that guide consumers, developers, and agents on property trends in the market. Before PropertyGuru, he also worked in multiple technology and management consulting firms in business development and strategy roles.

Trang Truong

Trang Truong is the Career Services Manager at Fulbright University Vietnam. Before becoming a career practitioner, Trang served numerous positions and projects in businesses, nonprofits, and higher education institutes. Trang graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from RMIT University and earned her graduate diploma in Psychology from Northumbria University.

Linh Tran Hanh Pham

Linh Tran Hanh Pham is a freelance writer who enjoys wearing multiple hats in her work life. She hopes to utilise her interdisciplinary knowledge to create unique and thought-provoking pieces about the world around her.