How Filipinos navigate poor public transport through community
28 Feb 2024
How Filipinos navigate poor public transport through community

In the Philippines, rising prices, traffic, and inefficient modes of public transportation take out a big chunk of commuters’ precious time every day. To cope, Filipinos exhibit resilience through organised online communities, humour, and alternative ways to get around the city.

Mark Marcelo

Mark Marcelo is an engineer at Oriental Consultants PH, a Japanese consultancy firm that services private companies and government agencies on road works and highways. The company’s specialty sectors include railways and mass transit, transportation planning, and urban development.

Thea Panganiban

Thea Panganiban is an active member of the online group Commute Buddies, as well as an experienced commuter who has been navigating Metro Manila for more than 20 years.

Gel Barrientos

Gel Barrientos is a writer with a strong background in digital advertising and content strategy. She consumes K-content on a daily basis and loves to travel, eat, and play tennis.