The groceries shrunk! The science of shrinkflation aversion
16 Feb 2024
The groceries shrunk! The science of shrinkflation aversion

Ever noticed your favourite products get smaller but stay the same price? ‘Shrinkflation’ is having a moment. Canvas8 spoke to marketing professor Ioannis Evangelidis to understand how people are responding to it and what brands can do to communicate these changes fairly.

Ioannis Evangelidis

Ioannis Evangelidis is an associate professor in marketing at Esade Business School, Ramon Llull University. He studies consumers' decision-making, and his work has been published in leading marketing, management, and psychology journals. As an expert, his insights have been featured in popular media outlets, including The New York Times, Boston Globe, and Huffington Post.

Yaa Addae

Yaa is a Senior Behavioral Analyst at Canvas8. Growing up across three continents, they are always looking for the bigger picture and cross-cultural meaning-making. In their spare time, you can find them studying herbal medicine or by the ocean, possibly surfing if it's warm enough.