Do grocery loyalty programmes work?
23 Feb 2023
Do grocery loyalty programmes work?

As food prices remain high, Americans are focusing on how to maximize loyalty programs to stretch their dollars. Grocery stores and app-based food retailers are enhancing loyalty programs with noticeable pay-offs for membership fees and special gifts to keep the feeling of splurging alive.

Simona Grande

Simona Grande is a research fellow at the Department of Management of the University of Torino in Italy and the School of Business and Law of the University of Agder in Norway. She’s also an educational designer and instructor at EIT Food and a mentor at Thought For Food. She has conducted research in over 20 countries and mentored and interviewed more than 600 entrepreneurs and experts focused on food innovations.

Brenna Ellison

Brenna Ellison is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University. Her research focuses on how consumers make food choices, including what consumers choose not to eat, or waste.

Meleah Moore

Meleah Moore is a Brooklyn-based writer, photographer, and communications consultant for social enterprises. She holds a degree in sustainable development from the University of St Andrews.