It’s how much? The science of price dispersion
5 Aug 2022
It’s how much? The science of price dispersion

People may not realise it, but they have an innate knowledge of prices which are constantly being used to make decisions. Canvas8 spoke to Professor Quentin André to find out how consumers’ ability to weigh up affordability is impacted when they’re juggling multiple searches and options.

Professor Quentin André

Professor Quentin André is an assistant professor of marketing at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder. His research focuses on judgement and decision-making, with a special interest in consumer financial decision-making, numerical cognition, and probabilistic reasoning.

Megan Carnegie

Megan Carnegie is a journalist and editor. She has written for Courier, Time Out, Guardian Weekend, Creative Review, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, and more. Outside of work, she can be found reading, running, and killing off her houseplants.