How are Americans’ ‘game day’ snacking habits changing?
9 Jan 2024
How are Americans’ ‘game day’ snacking habits changing?

Super Bowl Sunday and other big games have always been special occasions for fans. In addition to the game, these gatherings are often centered around the food on offer. With Americans increasingly interested in diverse and health-conscious options, how are expectations for game day snacks changing?

Iain Shaw

Iain Shaw is a freelance writer and editor covering food and drink, travel and hospitality. Originally from Scotland, he currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri, after spending almost 15 years in Beijing.

Erin Neves

Erin Neves is a senior manager of corporate communications at Frito-Lay, the parent company to over two dozen internationally popular snack brands, including Lay’s, Tostitos, and Cracker Jack.

Victoria Marin

Victoria Marin is a journalist and audio producer whose work focuses on foodways, urban farming, and Gen Y parenting. She has reported for outlets like The Washington Post, Time Out, America’s Test Kitchen, Well+Good, and Vegetarian Times.