How is AI changing dentistry?
8 Jan 2024
How is AI changing dentistry?

Regardless of your feelings on it, Artificial Intelligence is changing the world. While it largely has negative impacts on the creative world, when it comes to practical industries like dentistry, it can make work safer and more efficient. What can brands do to move with these changing times?

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny is the director of the Institute of Digital Dentistry

Dr Milad Shadrooh

Dr Milad Shadrooh, also known as the Singing Dentist, is a dentist and TikTok sensation.

Marianne Eloise

Marianne Eloise is a journalist and commentator on neurodivergent issues. She has written for publications including The Cut, The New York Times, Courier, Dazed, Vulture, i-D, The Guardian, and Mic.