How HNWIs are taking extreme tourism to the next level
5 Jan 2024
How HNWIs are taking extreme tourism to the next level

When HNWIs have the wealth to enjoy all earthly delights available on the planet, the only next logical step is to look beyond it. Why are the ultra-wealthy taking extreme risks to travel to the final frontiers, and how can brands tap into this appetite for exploring the limits of human experience?

Simon Evetts

Simon Evetts previously worked for Wyle (now KBR), leading the Medical Projects & Technology Unit at the European Astronaut Centre (EAC), Cologne, supporting the health of European astronauts. Since leaving EAC, Evetts has helped establish the Blue Abyss enterprise, which is building extreme environment research and training facilities. He has been passionate about the development of the UK human spaceflight community over the last 25 years, co-founding several organisations, including the UK Space Life & Biomedical Sciences Association. He's a visiting senior lecturer at Kings College London, a visiting professor at Northumbria University, and a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Gergana Nikolova

Gergana Nikolova is a senior tourism professional with extensive experience in market performance and sustainability. During the last ten years of her career, she contributed to the growth of the Adventure Travel Trade Association in Europe and Central Asia and is now focused on growing her venture – BehaviorSMART, a boutique company utilising behaviour change insights to support the success of businesses and places. At BehaviorSMART, Nikolova works closely with destinations and businesses to understand their sustainability challenges and goals.

Ally Elphick

Ally Elphick is a Bristol-based Copywriter and Brand Strategy Consultant, who supports brands seeking to forge a more sustainable future for people and planet, together. When she's not reporting on emerging trends or exploring how her clients can better communicate their purpose, she's tending to her veg plot or making a dash to the coast for weekends spent surfing from the comfort of her campervan.