Will manga get SEA Gen Zers into financial literacy?
13 Dec 2023
Will manga get SEA Gen Zers into financial literacy?

The members of Generation Z are known for their seemingly infinite access to information through the internet and insatiable hustle and drive to succeed and build their own brands. But in this economy, it’s hard for them to be masters at gaining and growing their money.

Dr Christina Chua

Dr Christina Chua (DBA, MBA) is a senior vice president and product lead at KGI Asia Singapore Capital Markets. She leads the Wealth Management product initiatives, creating and executing online and offline strategies for product onboarding, development, and marketing. She recently obtained her DBA from Unicaf University, with a thesis focused on why fintech is the future of finance.

Persis Hoo

Persis Hoo is the business manager of Next Gen Investors Endowment, a nonprofit organisation in Singapore that aims to be the place for all to begin their investor journey. She helps manage the Z Club, a student organisation that enables university students from Singapore and around the world to gather, learn, and invest. Persis graduated from the Singapore Management University with a Bachelor of Laws and practised for a few years before founding her own startup.

Angel Martinez

Angel Martinez is a culture writer and content strategist based in Manila, Philippines. She recently finished a one-year fellowship at Kontinentalist, an award-winning editorial studio that tells data stories about Asia. Today, she writes about the internet, identity, and their intersections for publications like VICE, i-D, Vox, and Teen Vogue. When she’s not knee-deep in the written word, you can find her crying over the New Year’s Eve scene from When Harry Met Sally… (1989) and cafe-hopping in pursuit of the perfect Spanish latté.