Eek, money woes! The science of financial anxiety
14 Apr 2023
Eek, money woes! The science of financial anxiety

Recession uncertainty is making people feel stressed about money. As people seek support, research has found that financial literacy plays a role in predicting these anxious behaviours. Canvas8 spoke to psychology Professor Gilles Gignac to learn more.

Gilles Gignac

Gilles Gignac teaches psychology at the University of Western Australia. His research focuses on individual differences, mainly regarding intelligence and its variations among people. He has written numerous academic texts on topics ranging from misinformation to memory and emotional intelligence.

Anna Waletzko

Anna is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. Her background in journalism spurred her interest in the intersection of power, identity, and media. She has a master’s in Gender, Media and Culture from The London School of Economics, where she researched media representation and diversity. Outside of work she can be found gardening, taking too many photos, or endlessly trying to crochet the same scarf.