What’s driving the rise of listening bars?
6 Dec 2023
What’s driving the rise of listening bars?

As digital saturation peaks, Gen Zers and Yers are gravitating towards listening bars, embracing the tactile richness of vinyl in communal spaces and engaging with music and the wider community. What’s sparking this analogue resurgence and how can brands tap into people’s desire for IRL experiences?

Steffen Lepa

Steffen Lepa is a social science scholar and lecturer at the Technische Universität Berlin. His areas of research are the use of audio, sound, and music in media and communication, as well as digital media and internet, popular culture, and music culture.

Dan Cole

Dan Cole is a writer, musician, and brand consultant based in Berlin. As a music journalist, he has written about all things audio for Bandcamp Daily, Electronic Beats, Native Instruments, Beatport, and more.

Tessa Love

Tessa Love is a writer whose work focuses on the undertones of culture and human experience. Her work has been featured in Outside Magazine, The Believer, Longreads, BBC, and more. She is also a cultural researcher and trend analyst specialising in youth behaviours and insights. She has produced reports, articles, white papers, and films that have informed the strategies of some of the world’s biggest brands, and she previously served as the editorial director of Western Europe for the global youth insights and research agency YPulse.