How climate anxiety gave way to the rise of eco-thrillers
5 Dec 2023
How climate anxiety gave way to the rise of eco-thrillers

In films and TV shows, existential threats to the Earth are often tackled by a small band of heroes. As the real world faces a climate disaster, how are eco-thrillers empowering people to become everyday protagonists? And how can brands use these narratives to spotlight their sustainability efforts?

Cheryl Nelson

Cheryl Nelson is an award-winning meteorologist and certified lifestyle/travel, natural disaster, and home and family preparedness expert. The founder and owner of Prepare with Cher LLC, Cheryl has been featured on NBC's TODAY Show, Fox News, Fox 5 New York, The Real, KTLA-TV Los Angeles, The Weather Channel, and more. She also shares preparedness tips with and contributes to publications such as HuffPost, Travel + Leisure, and Martha Stewart.

Christina Solis

Christina Solis is an environmental expert and content writer who takes pleasure in educating people about diverse environmental topics and helping businesses make a positive impact on our planet. With a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering, she possesses a profound understanding of environmental sciences, sustainable practices, the circular economy, and climate change. As a sustainability expert at Green Hive, she shares her knowledge and expertise to evaluate and recommend sustainable brands.

Meg Walters

Meg Walters is a UK-based freelance writer who specialises in entertainment and pop culture. She has written for publications including GQ, Glamour, Stylist, Refinery29, The Daily Beast, Vulture, and others. She specialises in covering how film and TV shift alongside larger cultural trends and generational culture gaps.