What is the future of Friday night in KSA?
9 Nov 2023
What is the future of Friday night in KSA?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing a cultural renaissance fueled by Vision 2030. As the nation balances its traditional values with a future identity, we dissect the driving forces behind this transformation and identify opportunities for engaging audiences in the evolving nightlife landscape.

Omar Tom

Omar Tom, commonly known as OT, is an entrepreneur, strategic planner, educator, and public speaker. He is the co-founder and managing partner of Dukkan Media, a firm that helps businesses understand the people of the Middle East. OT has developed award-winning and impactful work for brands such as Nike, Dubai Sports Council, Google, YouTube, McDonald’s, Red Bull, Converse, and Arabian Radio Network, to name a few. In September 2021, he was awarded the Voice of Africa Cultural Innovation Excellence Award. He currently guest lectures at the American University in Dubai on strategic planning and opportunities in new media.

Lewis Chappell

Lewis Chappell is a social media strategist with experience within the UK and the MENA region. He was previously a Senior Strategist at Socialize Dubai and is currently Head of Strategy at Incubeta MENA,a global digital advertising agency.

Yaa Addae

Yaa is a Senior Behavioral Analyst at Canvas8. Growing up across three continents, they are always looking for the bigger picture and cross-cultural meaning-making. In their spare time, you can find them studying herbal medicine or by the ocean, possibly surfing if it's warm enough.