How Gen Zers are fighting hustle culture
7 Nov 2023
How Gen Zers are fighting hustle culture

‘Lazy girl’ jobs and ‘quiet quitting’ are slowly replacing ‘girl boss’ and ‘rise and grind’ as more Gen Zers enter the workplace and offices. This shift signals how a new generation of workers is rejecting hustle culture and looking for meaningful work that allows them to lead fuller lives.

Kesi-Ayeba Douglas

Kesi-Ayeba Douglas is the founder and CEO of Selar, the largest creator platform in Africa, with over 500,000 registered users and over 90,000 creators monetising their skills and services as digital products.

Andrew Roth

Andrew Roth is the founder and CEO of dcdx, a Gen Z research and consulting firm working alongside the world’s top brands to help them attract Gen Zers. Roth’s work with dcdx has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Fast Company, and more.

Desmond Vincent

Desmond Vincent is a writer, researcher, and consultant living in Lagos, Nigeria. Currently working as a freelance writer with a focus on culture and identity, he regularly contributes to titles like Vogue, Billboard, Reuters, Elle, GQ, Dazed, Vice, Allure, and more. Desmond is also the co-founder and editorial director of Kenga Media, an Afro Gen Z mediatech company. He has consulted for companies and agencies including Vice Media, SourSop, Look Inc, AMV BBDO, Guinness, and Nike. His work has garnered him multiple awards and accolades including a TIERs Award in 2019 and a Future Africa Award nomination in 2020.