How did Australia's indie studios spark a digital gaming industry?
27 Oct 2023
How did Australia's indie studios spark a digital gaming industry?

The gaming industry in Australia rose to a substantial AUD 226.5 million (about $144.2 million) in 2021. This growth can be attributed to an attractive tax incentive scheme, studio investment, and a diverse talent pool – all making Australia a potential tech front-runner in digital gaming.

Scott Reismanis

Scott Reismanis is the founder of ModDB and, and has spent over two decades pioneering the adoption of mods and user-generated content (UGC) in games. Building a community where creators can collaborate and share was what sparked Scott to launch ModDB in 2002. Today, Scott continues this mission at with a goal to elevate UGC’s impact and importance in games where content and player engagement matter and creator economies can thrive as a new opportunity for studios to explore.

Chris Bowden

Chris Bowden is a visionary thought leader with over a decade of executive leadership experience across the gaming and web3 industries. As global marketing director at Blowfish Studios, an Animoca Brands subsidiary, Chris is pioneering the success of Phantom Galaxies, one of the leading AAA web3 games. Chris previously empowered the mainstream adoption of web3 gaming as global marketing director at Immutable (a Web3 Games Studio) and held key roles at Electronic Arts (EA Video Games Company), overseeing world-famous brands, including EA SPORTS FIFA™ and Battlefield™. His deep industry knowledge, passion, and innovative thinking continue to shape the future of gaming.

Craig Ritchie

Craig Ritchie is a former games journalist turned marketing and brand manager who has worked on titles such as EVE Online, EVE: Valkyrie, and DUST 514. Craig studied philosophy as an undergrad and at Honours and Masters levels, is a lifelong gamer, and has been a fan of cRPGs for over 30 years.

Sarah Wei

Sarah Wei is a journalist and producer based in Melbourne and Hong Kong, with a focus on the travel, lifestyle, and arts and culture sectors. She has produced over 35 talks and workshops with 120 speakers, three large-scale 5-day events, over 20 community events,  one VR/AR exhibition, and more than 150 published features and stories across the region.