Australians love new tech – can the industry's innovations keep up?
20 Oct 2023
Australians love new tech – can the industry's innovations keep up?

Australia is home to a robust tech scene characterised by a growing industry, globally successful start-ups, and tech-savvy consumers. As digital innovations continue to drive areas like finance and health – what do tech movements in Australia currently look like in a post-pandemic society?

Ray Welling

Ray Welling, PhD, teaches AI, digital marketing, public relations, social media, strategic communications, global marketing, and decision-making to undergraduate, postgraduate, and MBA students at several Australian universities. Welling has also worked as a digital marketing manager, journalist, publisher, content marketer and creator, strategy consultant, and writer. His research focuses on website success measures, social media, and ethics, and he co-wrote an article that discusses the Kardashians for the journal Celebrity Studies, which has become the most-read and cited article in the journal’s history. He also published Digital Disruption and Transformation: Lessons from History in 2018.

Angus Kidman

Angus Kidman is the international editor-at-large at Finder, a renowned fintech comparing website. He is an award-winning journalist who has reported on technology, travel, and finance for over 25 years.

Kara Ortiga

Kara Ortiga is a PhD candidate at Macquarie University in Sydney. Her research focuses on new media audiences and their relationships with technology, politics, and information. Before jumping into academia, she was a journalist in the Philippines, covering culture and the arts. Her work has been published in Esquire, VICE, and CNN Philippines, among a few.