Why UK party-goers are choosing boutique festivals
16 Oct 2023
Why UK party-goers are choosing boutique festivals

The UK festival landscape has shifted as attendees increasingly demand holistic, values-led experiences. From introducing expansive wellness areas and supporting charitable initiatives to platforming talks with cultural and industry experts, these events are catering to a new age of festival-goer.

John Rostrom

John Rostrom is the CEO of the Association for Independent Festivals.

Amanda Eastwood

Amanda Eastwood is the programmer of The Orchard wellness area at Houghton Festival, based in Norfolk.

Jumi Akinfenwa

Jumi Akinfenwa is a freelance journalist specialising in music and culture. Her work has been featured in The Guardian, VICE and gal-dem amongst others and in 2020, she was listed as one of MHP’s 30 to Watch and PITCH Magazine's Superpeople.