Why Gen Zers are embracing ‘dumb phones’
25 Sep 2023
Why Gen Zers are embracing ‘dumb phones’

Hyper-aware of the negative effects of constantly connected smartphones, Gen Z are rushing to buy phones with fewer capabilities and vintage looks. Yet this doesn’t mean they are turning away entirely from the modern world. How can brands learn from this preference shift to support healthy habits?

Clay Routledge

Dr. Clay Routledge is an existential psychologist and author of two books on nostalgia. He is director of the Human Flourishing Lab at Archbridge Institute.

Wesley Goatley

Dr. Wesley Goatley is an artist and digital media theorist, whose work examines the politics and aesthetics of data, machine learning, and networked technologies. He is a lecturer at London College of Communication.

Rhiannon Edwards

Rhiannon Edwards writes about culture, media, and technology, and the intersection of all three.