Why food and fashion are colliding in a big way
2 Aug 2023
Why food and fashion are colliding in a big way

Food and fashion collaborations are becoming popular across various sectors, offering a platform for creative expression and cultural exploration and allowing brands to create innovative experiences that resonate with consumers. But how can brands jump into this creative synergy of food and fashion?

Niti Dave

Niti Dave is currently a social media manager who started her career as a fashion stylist assisting Bollywood stylists with commercials and personal styling. She currently works with a lifestyle brand, and the main objective of her job is to be aligned with Gen Z-specific marketing.

Aarav Sharma

Aarav Sharma is a passionate streetwear and sneaker reseller. With an innate sense of style and love for hype culture, he is captivated by the unique designs, limited editions, and exclusivity of sought-after brands. Recognising the demand for hard-to-find pieces and the potential for profit, he delved into the world of streetwear reselling, determined to turn his passion into a full-fledged career.

Pari Bajoria

Pari Bajoria is a trend forecaster, cultural strategist, editor, and writer, with a background in fashion and lifestyle. She uses her skills to analyse global markets and tap into human behaviour through cultural research and is passionate about helping businesses stay ahead of the curve by analysing key trends and translating them into actionable insights. She believes that understanding cultural forces and using trends to foster positive changes is of utmost importance.