How can luxury car brands redefine female success?
5 Jul 2023
How can luxury car brands redefine female success?

Gen Y women’s changing needs and life stages are rewriting hustle-focused girlboss narratives of aspiration in favor of more intrinsic standards of success. How can luxury brands engage with them beyond tired, gendered stereotypes, especially as car purchases gradually shift online?

Dr. Chris Lezotte

Dr. Chris Lezotte spent part of her past life writing car commercials. After exiting her advertising career, she pursued a master’s degree in women’s and gender studies at Eastern Michigan University and was awarded a PhD in American culture studies from Bowling Green State University. Now working as an independent scholar, Dr. Lezotte continues her research focused on the relationship between women and cars in a variety of contexts.

Tamara Warren

Tamara Warren is the founder and CEO of Le Car, an online research platform for car buyers. She has written about cars for The New York Times, Car and Driver, Road and Track, Edmunds, Vibe, DUB, and Fortune. She served as transportation editor at The Verge and co-hosted a weekly live show titled Cheddar Rides.

Fru Bekefi

Fru Bekefi is a cultural researcher and artist with a soft spot for trends that sound weird today but pave the way toward preferable futures. She helps people and organisations understand the signals, drivers, and implications of cultural and behavioural change. When not at work, you’ll probably find her down a niche research rabbit hole, an exhibition, or embroidering something sparkly.