Health and Fitness Sector Snapshot: June 2023
28 Jun 2023
Health and Fitness Sector Snapshot: June 2023

How are people dealing with an overwhelming sense of burnout? Why are people interrogating the role that exercise plays in their day-to-day lives? Can femtech innovation revolutionise women’s health? What can be done to make therapy safe, reliable, and accessible to everyone?

Tilly Pearman

London-based freelance journalist and editor Tilly Pearman is a seasoned lifestyle writer with a diverse portfolio covering wellness, beauty, sex, relationships, fitness, and nutrition. With over a decade of experience in the wellbeing sector, including key positions in leading fitness studios and as wellness editor for Soho House, Pearman has developed a unique perspective. Embracing roles as a brand strategist, creative lead, and cultural commentator, she has emerged as a trusted voice within the rapidly expanding market. Tilly shares her expertise with global brands, start-ups, and publications like British Vogue and The Future Laboratory.

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith is the Head of Toolkit at Canvas8. With a background in psychology, she has worked with global clients such as Google, Nike, and Mars, exploring everything from what people want from a fake tan to Gen Z’s relationship with social media. Outside of work, you’ll find her binge-watching reality TV, listening to hyperpop, or with her nose buried in a fantasy novel.

Alex Strang

Alex Strang is a senior insight editor at Canvas8 who used to be in a punk band that was signed, shaped, and spat out. He enjoys using his experience of being the product to help brands understand how to sell theirs. After studying philosophy and critical theory, he found his feet in the market research world and has been over-analysing consumer behaviour ever since, including his own. He can usually be found playing board games, watching Seinfeld, or trying too hard to make his daughter laugh.