2023 Expert Outlook on Health and Fitness
13 Dec 2022
2023 Expert Outlook on Health and Fitness

How should disparities in gender-specific healthcare be addressed? What does a holistic approach to behavioural health risks look like? Is gamified fitness the future? In this part of the 2023 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about health and fitness in an increasingly phygital world.

Liz Plosser

As the editor-in-chief of Women’s Health, Liz Plosser oversees the brand across its print and digital platforms. She has been in the wellness industry for more than 18 years at brands such as Well + Good, SoulCycle, SELF, and Cosmopolitan. Liz published her first book, Own Your Morning, in 2021.

Mujde Yuksel

Dr. Mujde Yuksel is an associate professor of marketing and the director of graduate programmes in marketing at Suffolk University in Boston. She is a consumer behaviour researcher with a special focus on digital consumption and sports and entertainment marketing. She is specifically interested in how digital technologies impact consumer experiences including (but not limited to) sports fandom, media consumption, and physical activity. She is participating in a think tank to raise visibility and inclusion of women in sports. She also sits on the board of directors of the Merrimack Valley YMCA. Previously, she was a professional basketball player and an official Nike athlete during her sports career.

Maxim Sharshun

Maxim heads up Live Better function at Medibank, Australia's leading health insurer. His team develops and manages the world-leading currency-based health and wellbeing engagement program, and is also looking after a broad portfolio of enterprise partners ranging from global brands like Apple and Adidas to local pharmacy distributors and gym networks. Maxim is also supporting and overseeing a broad range of innovation initiatives across product and service integration, digital experiences in healthcare, and virtual care delivery.

Safa Arshadullah

Safa Arshadullah is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8 with a background in organisational studies and strategic communications. To her, exploring behavioural and cultural insights is a means of learning nuances to better foster equity and justice in the world. Outside of work, you can find her tinkering with her chai recipe, taking meandering walks in neighborhoods she’s never been to, or analysing one of the multiple TV series she’s watching.