Why are Australians embracing health and fitness tech?
2 Feb 2023
Why are Australians embracing health and fitness tech?

Early adopters of technology and defined by a love of fitness, Australians are among the most tech-savvy in the realms of healthcare and fitness. But as demands for digital healthcare services and fitness tech increase, how are brands meeting these needs and developing digital spaces?

Toby Gilbert

Toby Gilbert is a general medicine specialist working in the Acute Medical Unit of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide, South Australia. He has an interest in quality improvement and operational management and his research is focused on the application of deep learning algorithms in clinical medicine.

Deborah Lupton

Deborah Lupton is a SHARP professor at UNSW Sydney and leads the Vitalities Lab and the UNSW Node of the Australian Research Council Centre for Automated Decision-Making and Society. She’s also a member of the UNSW AI Institute. Her research spans sociology, communication, and media studies. She is a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and the Royal Society of NSW.

Glenn Taylor

Glenn Taylor is a FitnessOnDemand representative, based in Australia. He has over two decades of experience in different roles in the fitness industry, including as a facility manager and multi-site gym owner.

Josephine Platt

Josephine Platt is a writer, editor, and researcher, with a background in lifestyle and travel journalism. She covers international travel and culture and has written across arts, fashion, wellness, and self for a range of titles. Pursuing her interest in cultural, social, and psychological phenomena, Platt is studying social and cultural anthropology as a postgraduate student, with research interests around Western engagement with indigenous spiritual practices.