Why does Gen Z love novelty beauty packaging?
27 Jun 2023
Why does Gen Z love novelty beauty packaging?

Make-up packaging often embraces classic shapes and simple designs, making way for an industry-standardised norm. However, with younger and more gender-diverse consumers on the rise, some brands are embracing more playful and novelty-inspired packaging to match desires for self-expression.

Zofia Zwieglinska

Zofia Zwieglinska is the international fashion reporter at Glossy. Her work focuses on European luxury fashion and innovation with sustainability and Web3. She has previously written for The Times, ELLE, and WWD.

Alex Peters

Alex Peters is a journalist specialising in beauty, wellness, and body politics and has been a part of Dazed Beauty since its founding in 2018. She has contributed pieces to Vogue, The Face, AnOther Magazine, Sentimental Journal, Service95, and Season Zine.

Cat Hufton-Schiorlin

Cat Hufton-Schiorlin is a London-based freelance journalist specialising in fashion, beauty, parenting, family, and lifestyle. She splits her time between editorial, commercial, and copywriting projects.

Mariella Agapiou

Having weaved a career that started in PR and social, and led to journalism before turning to the dark side (brand side), Mariella is able to execute all kinds of projects. From research to editorial, ideation to creation. Mariella worked within the fashion industry - both in London and Dubai - for over ten years at publications and brands such as Bustle, ELLE UK, Ounass, Wednesday, MATCHESFASHION.COM and Grazia Middle East. Now, Mariella focuses her energy on culturally conscious conversations, whether that’s consulting and strategising for her clients, or writing about positive escapism, sustainable style, mindfulness and women empowerment.