How is climate anxiety affecting Gen Alpha tweens?
13 Jun 2023
How is climate anxiety affecting Gen Alpha tweens?

Gen Alphas are suffering from elevated rates of climate anxiety. As they grow frustrated by government inaction, many are keen to take matters into their own hands. How can brands and businesses acknowledge tweens’ climate concerns and help them take action against their anxieties?

Autumn Trainor

Autumn Trainor is a mental wellbeing and climate justice advocate, researcher, and activist. Trainor is the youth and climate wellbeing lead at One Resilient Earth, a non-profit that helps people build resilience in the face of climate change. Trainor conducts research on mental health and climate change and leads the Youth Climate Circle, a weekly meeting for climate-concerned young people around the world.


Eve, 13, is a member of the Save the Children Youth Advisory Board, a group of young people aged 12-18 from across the UK who work closely with the Save the Children leadership team to help amplify young voices.

Lottie Hanwell

Lottie Hanwell is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. She has a degree in English Literature and Spanish, and spends a lot of time thinking, researching and writing about developments in society and culture. On her weekends, she likes to run, read and make a mess in the kitchen.