How productivity aesthetics perpetuate hustle culture
27 Apr 2023
How productivity aesthetics perpetuate hustle culture

Productivity aesthetics are piling pressure on Gen Zers and Yers to optimise their lives. But the pursuit of perfection often entails low self-esteem as well as serious mental health problems like anxiety and depression. So, how can brands facilitate self-improvement without fuelling burnout?

Vicky Critoph

Vicky Critoph is known as the queen of work-life balance. She is the founder of Happy Freelancers Co. and runs a network of self-employed creatives committed to creating and sustaining healthy work practices for happiness in the office and at home. Critoph also runs her own freelance social media marketing consultancy, teaching social media skills to small businesses.

Rajvinder Samra

Dr. Rajvinder Samra is a senior lecturer at the School of Health, Wellbeing, and Social Care at The Open University, a chartered psychologist, and a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her research interests focus on mental and psychological performance in work, including the various factors – psychological, social, institutional, and structural – that enhance or disrupt professional performance. Dr. Samra has also researched how we learn, train, improve, and cope with issues like chronic work stress and burnout.

Naeema Pasha

Dr. Naeema Pasha is the research lead at MKAI and a leading expert in inclusive leadership and behavioural science. Previously the director of the Institute for the World of Work at Henley Business School, she conducted groundbreaking research on the effects of race equity, Gen Z, the four-day week, AI, and other mega-trends impacting work. She is recognised as one of the top global influencers in AI ethics and is regarded as a thought leader in inclusive leadership within the HR community. Her co-authored book, Futureproof Your Career: How to Lead and Succeed in a Changing World, has garnered widespread acclaim.

Mariella Agapiou

Having weaved a career that started in PR and social, and led to journalism before turning to the dark side (brand side), Mariella is able to execute all kinds of projects. From research to editorial, ideation to creation. Mariella worked within the fashion industry - both in London and Dubai - for over ten years at publications and brands such as Bustle, ELLE UK, Ounass, Wednesday, MATCHESFASHION.COM and Grazia Middle East. Now, Mariella focuses her energy on culturally conscious conversations, whether that’s consulting and strategising for her clients, or writing about positive escapism, sustainable style, mindfulness and women empowerment.