How is TikTok reshaping all our online experiences?
20 Apr 2023
How is TikTok reshaping all our online experiences?

Short video content and swipe-able feeds have taken over online, with social media and non-social platforms adapting to reflect TikTok. But what’s the impact of the homogenization of platforms? And how will users’ increasing awareness of algorithms change the game for brand discovery?

Cristina Motta

Erifili Gounari

Erifili Gounari is the founder and CEO of The Z Link, a global Gen Z-led social media agency that helps brands reach Gen Zers. The Z Link has worked with brands such as Hearst, the United Nations, Deloitte, Everlane, and more, as well as running the Gen Z Club – an online community with over 18,000 members. She is an expert in helping brands reach Gen Z and produces a newsletter called The Digital Native, where The Z Link analyses micro-trends and internet culture. Erifili is also the head of social media at the Silicon Valley-based company SafetyWing.

Veronica Ferrari

Veronica Ferrari is a writer, consultant, and cultural insights analyst who has worked with major brands and agencies worldwide identifying trends using social media intelligence. She is one of the Top 25 Pioneers in Social Intelligence according to the SIL Insider 50 2023 list. She is currently head of insight at InsightX, a leading intelligence and reputation risk agency with clients in business, sport, and culture. Veronica also writes about publishing, social media, Brazil, and tech for a variety of media outlets. After leaving Italy eight years ago, she has lived and worked in London, Rio de Janeiro, and now France.