Why is Gen Z excited by loyalty schemes?
21 Mar 2023
Why is Gen Z excited by loyalty schemes?

Brand loyalty as we know it is declining among Gen Z audiences as they renegotiate the terms of the business-customer relationship. While this generation has the capacity for some of the deepest bonds, brands will need to meet them where they are with a new set of priorities.

Marko Stavrou

Once an ignorant, afraid teenager living in a country with power outages and corruption, Marko Stavrou became one of Africa’s top teenage entrepreneurs, Gen Z strategists, and speakers at 18 years old. In 2019, aged 15, Marko generated over R100,000 in just three months. Today, he is the youngest person to be accepted into Henley Business School and the co-founder of one of the leading Gen Z business communities in the world, HustlersGlobal. The organisation is helping Gen Z entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses faster with less money. He is also the CEO of a consulting company that helps large corporates and business leaders better connect with Gen Z consumers and employees.

Andrea Richeson

Andrea Richeson is a New York-based consumer anthropologist who specialises in global youth culture trends. Her areas of focus include gaming and popular media, fashion, social media, P2P marketplaces, and fan communities. She is the founder of Youth Tribes.

Corey Seemiller

Dr. Corey Seemiller is a professor in the Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations at Wright State University. She is the author of The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook, a prominent resource for developing youth and college student leadership programmes. Dr. Seemiller is also the co-author of several articles as well as four books on Gen Z, including Generation Z: A Century in the Making, Generation Z Goes to College, Generation Z Leads, and Generation Z Learns. She also co-authored the 'Gen Z Voices on Voting' research report and the 'Campus of Tomorrow' report. Dr. Seemiller recently led the Global Gen Z Study, where she worked with 91 research collaborators from around the globe to better understand Gen Z in a post-COVID world. Participants from 81 countries took part in the study, and the research will be published in Gen Z Around the World with Emerald Publishing. Her fifth study looks at generational trends in the workplace, and the findings will be featured in Generations in the World of Work, which will be published with SAGE Publishing. Dr. Seemiller’s work has been featured on NPR and in The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, and several other news publications and academic journals. She has also been interviewed for podcasts as well as TV and radio shows worldwide, and has engaged in market research consulting for Fortune 10, 50, and 500 companies. Her highly popular TED Talk on Gen Z at TEDxDayton showcased how Gen Z is making a difference in the world, and has been watched by more than a quarter million viewers.

Jenk Oz

Jenk Oz is a 17-year-old social entrepreneur, public speaker, activist, consultant, and presenter. He's also the founder and CEO of Thred Media, a social enterprise focused on publishing, media, consulting, and production aimed at Gen Zers. He has been featured in over 300 press articles and has received more than 30 awards, including the Digiday Publisher Award, Anthem Award, The Diana Award, British Citizen Youth Award, Top 100 Digital Leaders, Great British Young Entrepreneur, and Progress 1000: Most Influential Person.

Ally Robertson

Ally Robertson is a senior behavioural analyst at Canvas8. She has a degree in sociology and anthropology and her background is in documentary film. Her passion for storytelling and understanding human behaviour led her to cultural insight. In her spare time you can find her watching reality television with a (somewhat) critical lens.