What’s behind Gen Z’s love of horror?
1 Feb 2023
What’s behind Gen Z’s love of horror?

Horror and scary tales have long been intertwined with the history and cultural identity of humanity. In the modern moment, horror as a genre has been co-opted by Gen Z fans, many of whom enjoy the stimulation of frightening content and how it effectively communicates experiences of crisis.

Ben Ditto

Ben Ditto is a creative director and social media commenter, working with fashion and music clients and represented by Concrete Rep. LTD.

Karina Wilson

Karina Wilson is a writer and story consultant. She brings her unique experience and story skills to bear on developing screenplays and other intellectual property with Hollywood screenwriters, producers, and production entities, as well as UK universities. She's a specialist in the horror genre and leads a horror screenwriting lab for Stage32. She also features in the award-winning documentary The History of Metal and Horror.

Bee Beardsworth

Bee Beardsworth is a writer, photographer, and creative director based in London with a background in fashion, media, and art. She writes about fashion and beauty through a postmodern lens, with an underlying focus on feminism and queer theory. Beardsworth recently completed a degree in the history of art and visual culture, with a strong focus on femininity and queerness in modernity, internet culture and new media, occulture, and architecture.