What makes EVs aspirational to mainstream drivers?
30 Jan 2023
What makes EVs aspirational to mainstream drivers?

In the past few years, electric vehicles have skyrocketed in prominence and popularity, and the industry is on the verge of sustainable success. But as EVs’ successes have become more visible, so have their challenges – it’s clear that their impact won’t be as straightforward as it once seemed.

Dr. Andrea Marpillero-Colomina

Dr. Andrea Marpillero-Colomina is the sustainable communities program director for the non-profit advocacy organization GreenLatinos, where she advocates for policymaking that will create a just and environmentally sustainable future for our communities.

Carl Sanderson

Carl Sanderson is the EV director at tech consultancy CJ & AJ Sanderson Ltd. With over 30 years of operational experience at senior levels within the premium automotive sector for OEMs (predominantly BMW Group), Carl is an experienced business innovator with a pragmatic approach, operating at board level to deliver sustainable, commercial improvements following the analytical assessment of business needs. Carl has and continues to work on consultancy projects across all automotive sectors, but has a deep and unique knowledge of the EV sector, gained through first-hand career experience with auto OEMs, tier-one suppliers, and charging network providers.

Ben Resnik

Ben Resnik works at the intersection of politics, technology, and social change, specialising in innovative digital communications for the public good. He has held key positions at leading political technology firms like DSPolitical, Swing Left, and People First, contributing to the Democratic House sweep of 2018 and Joe Biden's victory in 2020. Also a trained speechwriter, counter-disinformation practitioner, and member of the Truman National Security Project, Ben is an expert both in how to craft an effective message, and how that power is used to empower and mislead in today's digital world.