What do Gen Z Americans want from tech?
26 Jan 2023
What do Gen Z Americans want from tech?

For many Gen Zers, the lines between real life and virtual experiences are increasingly fading. But despite being digitally native, they have specific attitudes about the ways they’ll allow technology into their daily routines. How can brands meet the refined digital needs of this generation?

Saulius Gudaitis

Saulius Gudaitis is an SEO outreach specialist at Nordlayer, working to optimise and improve users’ online presence. He’s passionate about tech and how it can be used to make businesses thrive.

Toby Dao

Toby Dao is a marketing specialist at Tigren, providing e-commerce solutions to small and medium businesses.

Marris Adikwu

Marris Adikwu is a culture writer and a keen observer of consumer behaviour. She also writes short stories and reads anything she can get her hands on.