6 Dec 2022
2023 Expert Outlook on Citizenship

Why do the SDGs need to be more of a priority? How will people take a stand against systemic dysfunctionality? And what role will tech play in raising protestors' voices? In this part of the 2023 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how despair and instinct are shaping citizenship.

Aphinya Siranart is the head of exploration at the United Nations Development Programme in Thailand, where she leads the organisation’s portfolios on private finance for sustainable development and governmental digital transformation. Passionate about innovation for sustainability, Aphinya has provided technical consultations and training for hundreds of businesses, including listed companies and social enterprises, helping them integrate sustainability into their business activities, operations, and strategies. Aphinya is an Obama Asia-Pacific Leader.

Christina Adane is a founding co-chair of the Bite Back 2030 youth board, a youth-led movement aiming to fight the injustices of the food industry. She's known for her work on leading the free school meal campaign in the UK and campaigning against junk food marketing, as well as broader work on the intersections of climate, food, and race. Alongside this, Christina is a Debate Mate ambassador, a member of Google's Z-Council, and an honorary fellow of the British Science Association. Her efforts in campaigning and youth empowerment led Christina to be recognised as one of the BBC’s top 100 most influential women of 2020, a 2021 Diana Legacy Award winner, as well as a finalist in the International Children's Peace Prize 2021.

Sonali Diddi is an associate professor at Colorado State University’s College of Health and Human Sciences. She also serves as a faculty affiliate with the Regional Economic Development Institute and School of Global Environmental Sustainability. Her research addresses sustainability-related issues and problems in textiles and the apparel industry.

Riani Kenyon is a caffeinated Zillennial who is hopelessly addicted to The Sims 4 and binge-watches her latest anime obsession when she’s not busy bopping to early 2000’s K-pop. Beyond being a nerd, she has worked on initiatives for the UN Academic Impact and the UK Model WHO, and also explored politics while interning at the House of Commons.