Does protest art have a role in modern citizenship?
13 Sep 2022
Does protest art have a role in modern citizenship?

Art has long served as a form of protest, and as Americans face constraints on their freedoms, a growing number are seeking creative ways to voice their dissent and demand change. How is the digital landscape impacting this mode of self-expression? And what role can art play in modern citizenship?

Alice Rose Archer

Alice Rose Archer is a preventive conservator based in Venice, Italy. She has experience in exhibition management, curatorial design, and art consultancy. She holds a degree in history of art and Italian from the University of St Andrews and a master's degree in preventive conservation from Northumbria University.

Ramona Handel-Bajema

Ramona Handel-Bajema is a lecturer at Columbia University, where she teaches a course titled ‘Art in Protest’ within the Committee for Global Thought. She is also a visiting lecturer at New York University. Ramona holds a Doctor of Philosophy in History from Columbia University's East Asian Languages and Cultures department. Her book, Art Across Borders: Japanese Artists in the United States Before World War II,was published by MerwinAsia in 2021. Ramona has previously led program development with nonprofits such as AmeriCares and VisionSpring.

Meleah Moore

Meleah Moore is a Brooklyn-based writer, photographer, and communications consultant for social enterprises. She holds a degree in sustainable development from the University of St Andrews.