Media and Entertainment Sector Snapshot: September 2022
21 Sep 2022
Media and Entertainment Sector Snapshot: September 2022

Why are people turning to music for a sense of self-expression? How is gaming infiltrating all facets of media and entertainment? Who are the people finding wellness and niche community groups through audio? What are creators doing to retain control over their content and storytelling?

Paolo Ruffino

Paolo Ruffino is a lecturer in communication and media at the University of Liverpool, where he teaches and researches on video games, interactive media, and digital cultures. His research is concerned with the ways in which power and control are negotiated and challenged through digital games by players, producers, and theorists. He's also the author of Future Gaming: Creative Interventions in Video Game Culture, and the editor of Independent Videogames: Cultures, Networks, Technics and Politics, and is one of four founding members of the artist group IOCOSE.