How are gaming fans redefining entertainment?
8 Aug 2022
How are gaming fans redefining entertainment?

With gamers immersing themselves in long-form narratives and engaging with their preferred mediums more intensely, streaming platforms are making moves to win their attention. From film versions of favorite games to player-centric spin-offs, what entertainment strategies will have the most appeal?

Dr. Jamie Woodcock

Dr. Jamie Woodcock is a senior lecturer at the Open University. His research is inspired by workers' inquiry and focuses on labour, work, the gig economy, platforms, resistance, organising, and videogames. He's author of The Fight Against Platform Capitalism, The Gig Economy, and Marx at the Arcade.

Dr. Mark Johnson

Dr. Mark Johnson is a lecturer in digital cultures at the University of Sydney. His research is focused on Twitch game streaming, as well as esports and game monetisation, and has recently published on the use of humour on Twitch, the existence of nonhuman streamers on Twitch, viewer perspectives on esports cheating, and the off-camera labour of Twitch streaming.

Alex King

Alex King is a journalist and former staff writer at Huck, a youth culture magazine and website in London. Now based in Athens, he writes about creative subcultures, human rights and activism around the world.