Jason Steinhauer on e-history and American identity
2 Sep 2022
Jason Steinhauer on e-history and American identity

History is one of the most commonly discussed topics on social media, but viral posts rarely provide an accurate or nuanced representation of the past. Canvas8 spoke to public historian Jason Steinhauer about the rise of e-history and the implications for American society.

Jason Steinhauer

Jason Steinhauer operates at the intersection of history, tech, social media, and politics. Technology has profoundly re-organised our ways of knowing things about the world, and the positive and negative effects of technology must be balanced with a humanistic perspective. Steinhauer brings this approach to his work, where he writes and speaks about how social media, tech and the web are shaping our history, politics, and future. He is a public historian and the author of History, Disrupted: How Social Media and the World Wide Web Have Changed the Past. He is currently a global fellow at the Wilson Center.

Emma Sheppard

Emma Sheppard is a journalist specialising in business, technology, family and social affairs. As well as Canvas8, her work has appeared in The Guardian, Wired, BBC Worldwide, The Independent and more.